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Highest Rated Domestic Violence Attorneys

Let the top domestic violence lawyers in California represent you.

100% Free Consultations 24/7 - Call us now! (408) 338-6889

Highest Rated Domestic Violence Attorneys

Let the top domestic violence lawyers in California represent you.

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Former Prosecuters

H Law Group is staffed with battle-hardened attorneys and former prosecutors possessing the inside experience needed to secure the best possible results for your case. We won't leave a stone unturned.

A Team That Has Your Back

At The H Law Group, our domestic violence lawyers explore every potential defense for our clients. In fact, the first and most important step we take is to fully hear your side of the story.

Aggresive Defense Strategies

By hiring one of our attorneys early on in the process, we may be able to present evidence to the DA’s office that was ignored or overlooked by the investigating officer. This early intervention can be critical in terms of whether or not charges are filed.

A couple quick answers

Before You Ask...

It is essential to understand how a domestic violence case works before you decide to hire an attorney. Here are a couple of common questions we get.

What Are Some Defenses?
Avoiding/Fighting the Restraining Order
Immigration Consequences for Non-Citizens
Risks to Alleged Victims
What if the alleged victim wasn’t really hurt?
Can the alleged victim drop the charges?

How a Domestic Violence Case Works in California.

A complete breakdown of how every step of a Domestic Violence Case works and what you can expect. If you have further questions, we encourage you to check out our Domestic Violence Information Center or speak with one of our attorneys.

Part 1. The Arrest/Booking

The arrest process in a domestic violence case usually takes place at the defendant's place of residence. Based upon the severity of the injuries to the victim, the defendant will be charged with a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence charge. Based on the seriousness of the injures, the defendant will be released on their own recognizance, or they will have to post bond.


Part  2. Arraignment / First Court Appearance

The very first court appearance. We will enter a not guilty and set the case for a future pre-trial date. We will make sure to obtain any and all discovery that is related to your case.


Part  3. Pre-Trial

Pre-trial is where most Domestic Violence cases are resolved—without ever going to trial. During the pre-trial phase of the proceedings, the prosecution must share all of their evidence with your attorney. This phase is where we understand the prosecutor's case against you and negotiate for a lesser charge. As one of the top law firms in California, we deep dive into the evidence or "discovery" with a fine-tooth comb. We are looking for technicalities such as: Were your rights respected at all times? Are there any red flags with your chemical test? How long between proof of you driving and taking said chemical test?


Part  4. Trial

Sometimes your lawyer will recommend going to trial. This may be true if the prosecution refuses to bargain or if their case is flawed. A court trial is not necessarily bad, but it's risky because the outcome is all or nothing. Your lawyer's job is to convince the jury that there is doubt about what happened and ideally acquit you. A law firm with a reputation for winning trials is essential because if the prosecutor knows the council can't take a case all the way, they may not be willing to negotiate to a lesser charge even if their case is weak.

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Angel J
Introducing the H Law group

Why H Law Group

At our core, H Law Group is made up of people who care about others. Over the last ten years, we have built an all-star team of lawyers with extensive experience defending and even prosecuting Domestic Violence Case's. We deliver California's highest-rated Domestic Violence defense using our experience, massive resources, and court relationships.

Charges Dismissed
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Client Satisfaction

Our motto is that we treat our clients like family. That means there isn't a stone left unturned in our pursuit to diminish the impact a case like this can have on your life.

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Self Defense

The law allows one to use force against a partner in a domestic dispute and considers it lawful self-defense or defense of others if one reasonably believes that they or another person was in imminent danger of suffering bodily injury or was in imminent danger of being touched unlawfully; One reasonably believed that the immediate use of force was necessary to defend against that danger, and the defendant used no more force than was reasonably required to defend against that danger.

Act was not willful

If the act was accidental, it cannot be willful and does not constitute assault. Although, the individual doesn't need to intend to break the law.

Credibility Defense

One of the defenses to domestic violence can be that the accuser is lying. A simple assault charge does not require an injury; therefore, it is easy for people to fabricate stories for ulterior motives such as jealousy, revenge, etc.

Got Defense?

Potential Defenses

Although there are many ways to defend against a domestic violence charge, here are a few common defenses with higher success rates.

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Proud To Present

Six Benefits of H Law Group


H Law Group has fantastic relationships with San Jose court staff and prosecutors.


Our clients love us because of the excellent quality of service and the amazing results.


Our team of attorneys is available 24/7. Our dedicated attorneys are here to help you.


Most of the attorneys, paralegals, and staff at H Law Group are multilingual.


The attorneys at H Law Group have extensive experience fighting for their clients.


For DV cases, there are 100+ defenses that we can use to prove that you're not guilty.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp Reviews From our Family of Clients

The highest rated and most reviewed Domestic Violence and criminal defense firm in California's.

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Testimonial Picture of Eric
Domestic Violence Case
"I met with a few attorneys when I got my DV charge and chose this law firm. Jeff was pretty straght forward and to the point. He broke down the way he thought my case was going to work out and surprisingly it turned out the exact way that he said it would. My case was dropped down to a deffered and my fines were dropped. Save yourself the time and just call H law group."
Testimonial Picture of Sean
Sean N
Domestic Violence Charge
"The H Law Group and their team completely removed the stress and hassle of dealing with the courts and everything else related to the my charge.  They were able to have my charge reduced, and the whole thing went relatively quick, court-wise.  

I was really happen with the result, and would recommend to anyone dealing with a DV charge."
Testimonial Picture of Eduard
Eduard F
Criminal Charge
"I was referred to this law office through my friends on facebook. I posted and asked for help and two people both recommended H. I checked out their reviews and set up a consultation and hired the firm.
My case was dismissed. I don't know how they got it dismissed but they got my case dismissed. the best criminal defense lawyers in California."
Testimonial Picture of Adrian
Adrian F
Criminal Charge
"Nima and his team really helped me get through this process quickly. Everyone was very professional and went through every detail with me. THANK YOU, GUYS."
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California's Largest Domestic Violence Knowledgebase

H Law Group is proud to bring you legal guides, articles, and quick tips on criminal defense from misdemeanor’s to Felony Murder. These articles come from the very best criminal defense lawyers in California.
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Why H Law Group

What qualifies as domestic violence?

There are a variety of situations that might qualify for domestic violence. Still, each relates to violence or harm inflicted from one person to another whom they are closely related to or intimate with (or have been close with in the past).

Domestic violence does not just include significant physical harm; it can also include emotional abuse, financial fraud, neglect, and endangerment. If you place another individual in a situation that puts them in danger or harms their quality of life somehow, you could be charged with domestic violence. Additionally, any physical contact during a tense moment with a close family member can be charged as domestic violence, even if it involves very little force, inflicts no harm, and is immediately regretted.

At The H Law Group, we believe everyone deserves their fair day in court. Your side of the story needs to be presented with strength and zeal. Our experience allows us to communicate your case in a way that results in the best outcome for you, whether a dismissal or a reduction to a less serious offense such as disturbing the peace or trespass. In addition, we believe in supporting you during each step of the sometimes-overwhelming legal process so that you don't have to navigate your defense alone.

What are the consequences of a conviction in my domestic violence case?

A conviction for domestic violence can go on your record forever. Both misdemeanors and felonies are part of your permanent public record and can be viewed by employers for years after your conviction. If you are convicted of felony domestic violence, you may face years in prison – and you'll have to disclose your felony conviction when applying for jobs and housing in the future. Whether you are convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, a domestic violence charge will likely affect your custody rights, require jail time and fines paid, and mar your reputation for years to come.

If you face a domestic violence case, a conviction can change your life forever. If you are innocent, your side of the story must be told in a way that proves you aren't guilty, and if you are guilty, the result must be minimized as much as possible. It's crucial for you to be represented by a professional, experienced criminal defense attorney. At H Law Group, we have successfully represented many clients resulting in dismissals or reductions to less severe offenses.

Hire an Understanding California Domestic Violence Attorney

H Law Group, Inc is well-practiced in representing individuals that have been falsely accused of domestic violence charges and are versed in the delicate nature and intricacy of the process. The outcome of domestic violence hearings – which can often result in things like restraining orders or protective orders – can have a significant impact on your family, your finances, and other aspects of your daily life.

In addition to providing insightful legal advice, H Law Group fights to ensure that any case we take on results in an outcome appropriate for the case's specific circumstances. H Law Group upholds an excellent reputation in LA by diligently understanding our clients and their unique circumstances to best compose a proper legal defense.

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The H Law Group

H Law Group is made up of people that care about people. Our law firm is the last line of defense in the fight against exploitation and injustice.
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