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H Law Group is made up of people that care about people. Our law firm is the last line of defense in the fight against exploitation and injustice.
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Drunk Driving

H Law Group, home to the best California DUI Attorneys, has defended those charged with drunk driving and driving under the influence.

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Violent Crimes

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to represent you in court. We  safeguard your rights and provide a strong defense.

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Theft Crimes

If  facing charges for a theft crime, it's crucial to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney at The H Law Group without delay.

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Marijuana DUI

Our Marijuana DUI Lawyers have extensive experience defending those charged for driving while under the influence of marijuana.

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Domestic Violence

If you or a loved one is charged with domestic violence, you should promptly contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer at the H Law Group.

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Personal Injury

Our highly rated Personal Injury Department is known for its no-nonsense reputation. Learn how they can win your case.

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White Collar Crimes

Our experienced white-collar crime attorneys have what it takes to sift through the documents to develop the best defense strategy possible.

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Drug Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in California, contact the best drug crimes attorneys, The H Law Group.

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Angel J
Happy Customer
Introducing the H Law group

How We Earned Our Spot as the Top Criminal Defense Firm in California

H Law Group is more than just a law firm; we are dedicated advocates who prioritize the well-being and rights of our clients above all else. As staunch criminal defense attorney and defenders against exploitation and injustice, we leverage the constitutional protections afforded to every American in our pursuit of justice. We passionately uphold the belief that every individual is innocent until proven guilty, ensuring that each client receives the strongest possible defense.

We deliver results that speak to our relentless commitment to our clients' cases. At H Law Group, our team stands firm in our mission to provide exceptional legal representation as criminal defense lawyer, offering personalized strategies and unwavering advocacy to protect the rights and liberties of those facing criminal charges.

Charges Dismissed
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At the H Law Group, we believe in the principle that every person is innocent until proven guilty and that every person charged with a crime is entitled to a solid legal defense.

About The H Law Group
Yelp Reviews

Yelp Reviews From Our Family of Clients

The highest rated and most reviewed DUI and criminal defense firm in California

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Testimonial Picture of Eric
Erica W
DUI Case
"I met with a few attorneys when I got my DUI and chose this law firm. Jeff was pretty straght forward and to the point. He broke down the way he thought my case was going to work out and surprisingly it turned out the exact way that he said it would.My case was dropped down to a wet reckless and my fines were dropped. Save yourself the time and just call H law group."
Testimonial Picture of Sean
Sean N
DUI Charge
"The H Law Group and their team completely removed the stress and hassle of dealing with the courts and everything else related to the my charge.  They were able to have my charge reduced, and the whole thing went relatively quick, court-wise.  

I was really happen with the result, and would recommend to anyone dealing with a DUI."
Testimonial Picture of Eduard
Eduard F
Criminal Charge
"I was referred to this law office through my friends on facebook. I posted and asked for help and two people both recommended H. I checked out their reviews and set up a consultation and hired the firm.
My case was dismissed. I don't know how they got it dismissed but they got my case dismissed. the best criminal defense lawyers in California."
Testimonial Picture of Adrian
Adrian F
Criminal Charge
"Nima and his team really helped me get through this process quickly. Everyone was very professional and went through every detail with me. THANK YOU, GUYS."
Highly rated customer service

Our Staff is Always Here to Help You

At The H Law Group, we pride ourselves not just on the results we get for our clients but also on the service we provide them. This is why when you choose the H Law Group; you choose family.

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H Law Group is proud to bring you legal guides, articles, and quick tips on criminal defense from misdemeanor’s to Felony Murder. These articles come from the very best criminal defense lawyers in California.
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H Law Group is made up of compassionate individuals who genuinely care about others. Our law firm stands as the final bastion in the battle against exploitation and injustice, dedicated to advocating for the rights of those who need it most.
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