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Getting My Guns Back

The laws surrounding firearm ownership and possession in California are stringent, ensuring public safety and responsible gun ownership. However, individuals who have had their firearms confiscated or their gun rights revoked may wonder about the steps required to restore their rights and retrieve their firearms. In this article, we will provide you with clear knowledge of what can lead to the loss of gun rights, the process of restoring gun rights in California, and the steps involved in retrieving firearms that have been taken by the government.

Causes of Gun Rights Loss: 

There are several situations that can lead to the loss of gun rights. These include:

  • Criminal Convictions: Convictions for certain crimes, including felonies, domestic violence offenses, and certain misdemeanors, can result in the loss of gun rights. It is important to understand the specific laws and offenses that can impact firearm ownership and possession.
  • Restraining Orders: If a restraining order or protective order is issued against an individual, it may include provisions that restrict or prohibit firearm possession. Violating these orders can lead to severe consequences.

Restoring Gun Rights: 

Restoring gun rights in California involves a legal process that requires careful consideration and adherence to specific requirements. The following steps are generally involved:

  • Eligibility Determination: Determine your eligibility for gun rights restoration by reviewing the laws and understanding the specific criteria that must be met. Consult with a knowledgeable firearm attorney to evaluate your case and assess your options.
  • Obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation: In some cases, obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation from the court may be necessary. This certificate serves as evidence that an individual has been rehabilitated and is no longer a threat to public safety.
  • Applying for a Governor's Pardon: Depending on the circumstances, applying for a gubernatorial pardon may be required. This is a formal request to the governor to grant forgiveness and restore firearm rights.
  • Compliance with All Requirements: It is crucial to fulfill all legal requirements, including completing any probationary periods, paying fines, and meeting the necessary waiting periods before initiating the gun rights restoration process.

Retrieving Confiscated Firearms: 

If your firearms have been confiscated by the government, follow these general steps to retrieve them:

  • Determine the Appropriate Agency: Contact the agency that confiscated your firearms to determine the specific process and requirements for retrieval. This may include local law enforcement, the district attorney's office, or other relevant agencies.
  • Compliance with Legal Obligations: Ensure that all legal obligations, such as completing any required programs or serving probationary periods, have been satisfied before attempting to retrieve your firearms.
  • Documentation and Forms: Gather all necessary documentation, including court orders, release forms, or proof of compliance with any conditions imposed. These documents will be essential for initiating the retrieval process.
  • Communicate and Cooperate: Work closely with the relevant agency and follow their instructions. Maintain open communication, provide the required information, and respond promptly to any requests to facilitate the retrieval process.


Losing gun rights or having firearms confiscated can be a challenging experience. However, understanding the laws and processes involved in restoring gun rights and retrieving firearms is crucial. Seek guidance from a knowledgeable firearm attorney who can provide personalized advice and support throughout the legal proceedings. Adhering to the legal requirements, fulfilling obligations, and maintaining open communication with the relevant agencies are vital steps toward restoring gun rights and reclaiming confiscated firearms. Remember to prioritize responsible firearm ownership and compliance with all applicable laws to protect public safety and ensure a smooth process.

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