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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked DUI Related Questions
How long after a DUI Arrest do I Lose my License?

After a DUI arrest, the law in California will automatically suspend your license for 30 days. However, there are also other rules that go into effect. You should be aware of them because they will affect the total amount of time that your license is suspended. In California, the laws for DUI offenses can be complicated. Many exceptions can be applied to the rules, and there are few cases where the outcome is completely certain. Even in the case of the automatic 30-day suspension after an arrest, there are ways to take action and stop the suspension from going into effect.

California’s DUI Laws In California, there are two different types of penalties that will make you lose all driving privileges. The first type is known as the administrative suspension, and this is an automatic suspension that goes into effect immediately after you are arrested. It lasts for 30 days unless you manage to successfully challenge it. During the automatic suspension period, the police will seize your driver’s license and provide you with a paper that functions as a temporary license. In this situation, you will still be able to drive, but you must request a hearing within 30 days in order to prevent the suspension from going into effect. Most people will hire a DUI lawyer to request the hearing because procedures will be followed correctly when there is a legal professional involved.

Requesting a hearing is an important step, but it does not guarantee that the suspension will not go into effect. The presence of a DUI lawyer can help you to win the DMV hearing. This is a critical step in the process of fighting to keep your driver’s license. If you succeed in winning this hearing, you will be able to keep your license until your case goes to court. If you are convicted, you can lose your license at that time. The best way to understand how this works is to observe that you can fight for your license during each stage of the legal process. Even when you are fighting the case in court, you can use the services of a legal professional who understands how to bargain for a lesser charge in order for you to be able to keep your license. The defense lawyer can also attack the methods that were used by the prosecutor to get evidence against you, and this is an effective strategy.

Legal Representation, DUI If you have been charged with a DUI in California, your driving privileges can be suspended or even revoked in particular cases. There are many ways to fight back, but you can only do it effectively when you are using reliable and accurate information. The services of a qualified DUI attorney can be helpful. This will allow you to gain access to information that will help you to make the best decisions for your particular case. Contact our law office if you require additional information or wish to make an appointment.

Should I Hire A Lawyer for a Drug DUI?

Drug DUI's
For those who are facing a Drug DUI charge, it is highly recommended that they have an attorney to assist them during the legal proceedings. While some choose to use a public defender, others prefer to hire a lawyer experienced in handling DUI cases on a consistent basis. Because public defenders are often severely overworked, they often look for the quickest solution in these cases. This usually means a recommendation of pleading guilty to the charges, even if there are areas that could be easily disputed.

When In Doubt, Hire a Los Angeles DUI Attorney
Ultimately, the decision whether or not to hire an attorney rests solely with the individual charged with DUI. However, while many people often choose to represent themselves at trial, the learning curve is generally too steep to ensure success in these situations. Having an experienced lawyer who has the skills and knowledge needed to handle these cases is almost always a person’s best bet, even if they ultimately get convicted of the charge. With court dockets today being overwhelmed with pending cases, the chances of a plea bargain to lesser charges are usually very good. Many prosecutors feel pressured to complete many cases quickly, so they may be very receptive to a potential deal. By hiring the right attorney for your case, you can be sure you will receive expert legal representation that may allow you to avoid more serious charges being pursued against you. Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a crime taken very seriously in Los Angeles. The state and city have zero-tolerance policies in place for offenders. Sentencing can be harsh especially if you go into court without proper representation. It is important to understand what a DUI is and how an attorney can help you when charged with this crime.

Can DUI Penalites Be Reduced

There are times when a DUI conviction seems inevitable. This is when you need an attorney the most. A lawyer will work hard to reduce your penalties. The attorney might be able to show mitigating factors that prove you do not deserve the full sentence under the law. Your lawyer can attempt to negotiate with prosecutors in pre-trial hearings for the lightest fines and penalties possible. Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to successfully negotiate with prosecutors and judges in Los Angeles. These are things that can dramatically increase your penalties or even lead to jail time. Some examples include incredibly high BAC percentages or injuring someone while driving drunk. You need an attorney to help deal with aggravating factors. Your lawyer might be able to explain away some issues or have certain factors removed from the case. In the event your car is taken away, we can help you get a short term car lease in Los Angeles with companies like Zooomr, Avvis, Enterprise, and others.

A final way a Los Angeles attorney can help is by negotiating alternative sentences for the DUI charge instead of the traditional fines and jail time. Your lawyer might be able to negotiate mandatory alcohol treatment followed by probation or community service. Your fines might be waived or suspended if you just complete a special driving program. If you want to avoid heavy penalties like jail and thousands of dollars in fines, then you need the help of a good law firm.

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