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Expungement Attorney Los Angeles

If you have been convicted of a crime in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the State of California, you might be wondering how to get your conviction expunged and your criminal conviction removed from your public criminal record. If this is what you’re looking for, contact Expungement Attorney Los Angeles at The H Law Group to assist you with your expungement.

We understand that criminal convictions can make it more difficult to obtain employment and housing, as well making it more difficult to get into the college of your choice. So, whatever the crime you’re convicted of, a Los Angeles Expungement Attorney at The H Law Group can assist you with getting your conviction expunged and removed from your record. That said, not all crimes can be removed from a person’s record. To learn more, fill out the contact form below or give us a call at 1 (213) 370-0404.


An expungement is a legal process by which an individual petitions the court, asking the court to dismiss the conviction and charges against the defendant. If the court grants a defendant’s petition for expungement, the charges, convictions, and penalties are all dismissed. You should be aware of the difference between criminal charges and conviction. A criminal charge is a formal accusation by the prosecutors asserting that you committed a crime, whereas a conviction means that you were found guilty of the crime(s) you were charged with.

It is more important to get a conviction removed than a charge removed. However, it is also important to have any charges against you removed, as well. Petitioning the court for an expungement removes the charges and convictions against you. So, if you go for an interview and a potential employer performs a background check on you, he will not see that you were charged with and/or convicted of the crime that you expunged (removed) from your public record.

Of course, expunging a criminal record does not mean that no one will be able to see that you were convicted of a crime. Some governmental agencies and offices, such as the of the district attorney will still be able to pull up your file and see the crimes you were charged with and convicted of.


The best and quickest way to get your criminal record expunged is to speak to an expungement attorney at the law firm that represented you and defended you. Ask them about how to get your criminal record expunged. They should know exactly what to do. However, if you do not want your previous attorney to handle your expungement, contact experienced Expungement Attorney Los Angeles at The H Law Group to handle your expungement for you. We have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of expungements for our clients, often achieving the results our clients wanted.

Obtaining an expungement after 2008 has become significantly more difficult. In the past, completing probation and complying with the court’s terms was sufficient to allow a person to obtain an expungement. However, post-2008, for a person to obtain an expungement, he or she must schedule and attend a hearing.

The prosecution typically objects to expungement requests, and so it is entirely up to the judge whether he grants your request for expungement. As such, having a defense attorney who knows what he’s doing at your side is the best thing you can do for the best chance of having your criminal record expunged.


For a person to have his criminal record expunged in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the State of California, he must follow the following steps:

  • Identify the criminal charges and convictions you want removed from your criminal record (Obtain the case number or docket number)
  • Have the plea you entered into (guilty, not guilty, no contest)
  • Petition the court to remove the charges and convictions you have identified
  • Attend the expungement hearing
  • Have an attorney represent you at the hearing for the best chances of succeeding


Yes, in the State of California, some felonies can be expunged while others cannot. The same goes for misdemeanor, some can be expunged while others cannot. For a felony to be expunged or removed from your criminal record, the court must first reduce your felony into a misdemeanor.

 You are more likely to be entitled to an expungement if the following criteria applies to you:

  • You have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor in State Court
  • There are no current criminal charges against you
  • You are not currently serving a sentence for a criminal offense
  • You did not serve time in a California State Prison
  • You have successfully completed your probation
  • You paid off all court fees and fines
  • You have completed payment of restitution to the victims of your crime
  • You have completed all of the requirements of your sentence
  • A significant period of time has passed since you completed your jail sentence

Your criminal record is unlikely to be expunged if any of the following criteria apply to you:

  • You were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in Federal Court
  • You were sentenced to complete time in California State Prison
  • You are still on probation
  • You were not permitted to terminate your probation early
  • You are currently charged with a crime
  • You are currently serving a sentence for a different crime
  • You are on probation for a different criminal offense
  • You were convicted of a sex offense involving children


If you or a loved one has been convicted with a crime in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the State of California and you want to clear your criminal record, you should contact a Los Angeles Expungement Attorney to assist you with cleaning your criminal record. An expungement attorney at The H Law Group can have the charges against you or criminal convictions on your record removed. Schedule your free consultation today by filling out the contact form below or by calling us at 1 (213) 370-0404.