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Potential Defenses To A DUI

Just because you were arrested on a DUI charge, does not mean that you cannot fight the charge and win in court. This is much easier with the counsel of a seasoned DUI attorney. DUI attorneys will be extremely knowledgeable of all the intricacies of the DUI laws that you are facing. Therefore, a well-qualified DUI attorney is preferred to a general attorney when facing these charges. 

Once you have retained a DUI attorney, they will help you craft a defense that will aid in reducing or dismissing the DUI charge against you. There are numerous proven defenses that can be utilized. These include: 

  1. Challenging if a DUI checkpoint traffic stop was legal 
  2. Fighting suspicion of a DUI arrest 
  3. You were not the driver of the car 
  4. Questioning the reliability of the roadside field sobriety tests 
  5. Challenging the breath test readings 
  6. Challenging the blood test result accuracy 
  7. Showing a DUI test refusal charge is wrong 
  8. Tainted results of DUI blood testing 
  9. Testing is done by a technician that is not properly trained or licensed 
  10. Using a police officer’s failure to read the defendant their Miranda rights 
  11. Fighting DUI test results over the legal BAC limit 
  12. Challenging DUI charges for cases involving women 
  13. Making a strong rising blood alcohol content defense 
  14. Fighting a DUI charge for marijuana & drugs 

Remember that the best defenses to DUI cases are those that are specific and tailored to the facts of your case. Your DUI defense attorney will be able to evaluate the facts and circumstances of your case, as well as the aspects of the arrest that may be specific to you. Using these facts, in conjunction with the law and a DUI attorney’s expertise will aid in reducing your charge or having the DUI charges dismissed all together.

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